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A pony nominated by the deadline, born in 2022, and eligible to be registered with VPBA (owned by a member, foaled in Virginia out of a mare which resided in Virginia for at least six months from breeding date to foaling date).  Dam must be VPBA recorded or registered as owned or leased by the breeder making the nomination, and a copy of such certificate must be provided with the nomination.


A 2022 VPBA member who participates (owns breeding stock) in the Virginia Horse Breeding industry.


A current VPBA member at the time of the Futurity competition.
PAYMENTS AND DEADLINES (Note: Date changes from previous years are underlined.)


Schedule A: due on or before each date
March 31, 2022          
$100 (total futurity payment)    
November 30, 2022          
(Foal must be REGISTERED: $10 fee)

Schedule B: due on or before each date    
March 31, 2022           
$ 15 (nomination fee)    
July 31, 2022        
$ 30    
November 30, 2022        
$ 40 (Foal must be REGISTERED: $10 fee)    
April 30, 2023             
$ 50                        

(total futurity payment) $135   


First and last payments must be postmarked by the due date or the pony will be declared ineligible.
In the absence of a postmark, payment must be received on or before the due date.     Second and third payments may be up to ten days late with a penalty charge equal to the amount due at
that time.  Timely payments are your responsibility.  Payments are non-refundable. 


Eligibility for participation is contingent upon accurate completion of the required Nomination Form (including copy of Dam’s registration/recording certificate) and subsequent Registration Application of the foal.  Eligibility may be revoked if information is not submitted on the official forms and/or by the required deadlines. 


(Usually supplemented by a grant from the Virginia Horse Industry Board.) Prize money is derived from the futurity payments; up to 12% may be reserved to help defray expenses.  After the final payment is made, the entire payments from those ponies remaining eligible will be divided using the same ratio as that of colts/geldings to fillies.  The remaining monies will be divided equally. The total VPBA prize money in each section will be distributed to eight places as follows:         30%     20%     15%     10%     8%     7%     5%     5%
The recipient of the VPBA prize money will be the breeder of record (owner of mare at time of foaling, as reported on the Registration Application).  The recipient of any VHIB prize money will be the owner of record.

The Futurity is held in June of each year at a USEF licensed horse show.
It is divided into two sections: colts/geldings and fillies.

For additional information call 804/784-5441.



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